We have a lot of big projects in Europe. On this page we will update you with a few of them.

Daniëlla was present at the Plant Health and Biosecurity Conference on 20 February 2020. This was a private meeting at the Kew Gardens in London. There was talk about combating plant diseases and ‘The Year of Plant Health’. Prince Charles was present as a speaker. Daniëlla had the opportunity to talk to him about the subject.

Below you will see pictures of a beautiful and big project we did in Ireland. The Adare Manor Hotel and Golfcourse:

This is a project in Sweden, near Småland.

plants propertydevelopment landscaping trees gardendesign screening I am in Sweden, installing a specify and supply project. Thanks to Henk Huijsman for supplying and delivering to Sweden for LadybrookNursery

Paul Anderson

These pictures are from a special project in the county of Ede with special growth tubes.

This Taxus Baccata Weddingcake was ordered, transported and delivered within a week.

A project that was loaded at the warehouse in Otterlo. These conifers came in from the nursery on pallets and went directly to the customer, where the gardener planted them right away. You immediately get a nice result with a nice hedge of Thuja occ. Brabant.

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